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Est. 2021

"People look, but they have to have the desire to see/sea"


Cultural Analysis

Brand Activism

Brand Strategy

ATOM FUTURES believes that, to stay ahead, brands and organisations need to know how to be leaders in a world facing many challenges.

To lead will require foresight, imagination and decisions made for the common good. It will require a deep understanding of cultures, the environment, emerging trends and activism.

We at ATOM FUTURES generate insights and forecast futures for innovative brands, organisations and people who believe the same.

The Atom Tarot

In our exploration of the Future/s of Craft, we delve into the inspiring work of craftsperson and artist, Pamela Coleman Smith, and set off on a journey to reimagine the Tarot’s Major Arcana.


The Future of Craft Starts Here. 

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ATOM FUTURES was resident at

The Forge, Craft Central, London from March 2023 - March 2024.


Craft is not just a technique or process, it is a way of living, thinking, an act of service. It is a powerful source of identity and transformation. Craft literally shapes the evolution of our human experience, as we witnessed through moments in history such as the Industrial Revolution, and now today in the unnerving and incontestable proliferation of Generative Artificial Intelligence. The synchronicities between the visionaries of the past (who were often marginalised), and the few today who inspire innovative change through art and science, for the common good, usher in the future of polymathic innovation.   

“Craft stands in for the whole idea of what it means to be human, and why that matters.”

Glenn Adamson, curator and scholar

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The Atom Futures Gallery
Merging Physical And Virtual Spaces 
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Whales Rising is a futures thinking, storytelling and art project with an objective to elevate public awareness and engagement on whale conservation. Using immersive technologies, we are working to build a web-based and physical exhibition around the theme of whale song. This will be designed using a semiotic, linguistic and cultural decode of existing data and innovations, including tracking systems and artificial intelligence, around how we can “speak” to whales and improve interspecies communication.

Reach out to learn more about our team and project. 


“Fathoms Below”, painting by artist Rachel Byler, 2015

The London Premiere of

"Blue Flower"

Nov 2023

AAs we gathered in Craft Central at The Forge, an 1800s former ship-building warehouse, the collective effervescence of hope began to hum between us all.

On the evening of 10 November 2023, Atom Futures hosted and curated the screening of “Blue Flower”, a deeply moving film by activist, policy change-maker and director, Sunil Babu Pant. In 2023 Nepal became only the second country in Asia to recognise equal marriage, a significant and historical achievement for equality and freedom globally. It has taken 23 years of tireless activism to reach this goal. Using tools from direct advocacy to intercultural dialogue, mindsets and attitudes have shifted over time. The screening was an intersectional coming together of minds across sectors, embodying Atom Futures' ‘brand activism’ ethos, and reminding us that; without intercultural dialogue and tolerance, we cannot have progress.


Reach out to learn more about this activation and join us in the work we continue to do. 


MAY 2022


Feb 2022

ATOM FUTURES spoke with artist Amber Vittoria about her latest NFT collection, ‘Colon Parenthesis’, and her reflections on the evolution of Web3.

Amber Vittoria NFT.png

The Future/s of Art REPORT 2021

From June – August 2021, ATOM FUTURES conducted a live exploration of the future/s of art. This report outlines our findings and provides insights into how the arts can be a key area of strategic engagement and activism for future-facing brands and organisations.




The Post Code Exhibition

London, 8th June 2021

– 8th August 2021

By Appointment Only. Closed


We Turned Our Home into an Art Gallery.

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