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What We Do

ATOM FUTURES offers revolutionised approaches to cultural analysis and its bespoke application to brand activism and brand strategy.  

We work with a team of international researchers, experts and designers who draw on methodologies such as semiotics, cultural analysis and foresight to identify existing and emerging trends. We use the generated insights to help brands and organisations answer future-facing questions, build brand strategies and curate activations with an activism focus. 

More About The Co-Founders

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With expertise in semiotics, cultural analysis and brand strategy, Alexandra Ncube has worked both agency-side and in-house to generate future-facing insights and strategies for many major brands, including American Express.

As Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Curator at ATOM FUTURES, she helps brands, organisations and people answer future-facing questions, build brand strategies and curate marketing activations with an activism focus.

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With expertise in campaigning, advocacy and research in the not-for-profit sector, Aura Freeman has designed and implemented global social and policy change campaigns for several international organisations, including Amnesty International and the United Nations.

As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at ATOM FUTURES, she oversees all operations, organisational strategy, partnerships and collaborations. 

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Brand Activism: The Future of Brand Strategy 

ATOM FUTURES believes that it is incumbent, not just on governments, but on brands to take the lead in rebuilding an equal, healthy and sustainable society. Growing evidence suggests that consumers believe the same. Brands will be increasingly expected to go beyond fulfilling corporate social responsibility and ESG commitments, and actively take a public stand on global issues of concern. In other words, they must become activists who undertake and support bold action to bring about profound social impact and systemic change.  

For brands to become effective activists in the future, they will need a nuanced and strategic understanding of culture, the environment, emerging trends and activism in a global context. Brands will have to think carefully about creating an authentic activist profile in line with their brand values, supporting and collaborating with other activist voices, and inspiring consumers across demographics and geographies.

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