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We Turned Our Home into an Art Gallery. Here's Why


Written by Aura Usha Freeman and Alexandra Thando Ncube

You may be wondering what Atom Futures is about. It is our proposal for a re-evolution/revolution.

Like many of you, we have been thinking about the future; our family’s future, humanity’s future, our planet’s future, and many other futures.

Atom Futures is creating a sacred space for insights and strategy – a place for diverse minds to come together and innovate. It is time for frank and open conversations so that we can rapidly deconstruct the problems our global community faces.

For our first project, Atom Futures is analysing the art industry, the healing power of art and the emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We are demystifying The Future/s of Art.

More about The Post Code Exhibition

For seven years, we have lived in a one-bedroom flat in London. We painted to process the hurdles and joys we experienced as young, international queer women of colour discovering themselves, and the world.

Art played an important role in our lives during the pandemic. We both had high-intensity jobs and felt that we, and many people around us, were not heard or seen. When we left the workplaces that no longer fulfilled us, we looked around our flat and saw dozens of paintings stacked on the floor or pasted onto crowded walls. It dawned on us that we were sitting on a treasure trove of years of compelling stories that may resonate with others. After long lockdowns, we’d like to share our now curated Home Art Gallery with interested people, as a way to reconnect and create important dialogue. But that’s not all -

We knew that for this project, we would have to go beyond the “traditional” gallery exhibition. Many of us now live more fully in the digital realm, changing how we value and perceive physical matter. The current narratives around digital art, NFTs and sustainable blockchain technologies is part of that, and may bring us closer to democratised creation and consumption. The Post Code Exhibition is a live exploration of the physical and digital evolution of what continues to be a highly unequal space.  

To learn more about the exhibition and our mission, email

Thank you for reading.

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